Holographic Sky

The Holographic Sky art installation celebrates the grandiose natural light of the architecturally iconic Pennzoil atrium by utilizing reflective, dichroic materials that introduce the vibrant colors of Houston street art into the lobby. The hanging clouds take advantage of the volume of the space while also seeking to bring the scale of the lobby down to the pedestrian level.

The installation was initiated as a way for the group to practice using computational software on a real project. The scope had to be small enough for experimentation but Design Labs Houston was insistent on using parametric software in the design and construction. Grasshopper with Rhinoceros 3D was chosen for the digital design.

For more information on the construction and digital design of holographic sky, visit our blog post The Making of Holographic Sky

Team (left to right): Mark Talma, Elizabeth Braun, Amber Porterfield, Angela Palmer, Jordan Gomez

In the Press

Pennzoil Place unveils colorful Holographic Sky art installation – Houston Chronicle

Pennzoil Place Attains Many Firsts in its Lifespan – GlobeSt.

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