BHP Headquarters, Gensler


593,856 SQFT | 30 Story High Rise

Houston, Texas

BHP decided to construct a new tower at 1500 Post Oak, adjacent to and connected to the existing headquarters at 1360 Post Oak. As interior architect for the new tower, Gensler created a facility responsive to the changing needs of BHP’s petroleum business. Specifically, the tower supports a workforce that is being asked to learn and do new things; to be flexible in the face of evolving demands, and to respond creatively to tectonic shifts in the oil and gas industry.

The team sought to meaningfully incorporate raw materials produced by BHP into the space. Engaging with Texas-based Makers for this initiative, features such as the Wellhead coffee bar, the Derricks in the Marketplace café, and distinctive Interstellar light fixtures were created.

BHP Client Testimonial

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