1100 Louisiana Lobby + Digital Art, Gensler


10,000 SQFT + Digital Art Installation

Houston, TX

1100 Louisiana provides a dynamic digital experience unmatched by any other building in downtown Houston. To achieve this ambitious goal, the digital wall is designed to continuously generate original content computationally via a content engine, developing hundreds and hundreds of iterations based on four immersive concepts: Beauty in Data, Change of State, Imagination Room, and Living Wall. All four concepts draw thematically from Houston’s history, its people and the region’s cultural patrimony. Inspired by infinite possibilities, 1100’s content engine generates these iterations, some distinctive, some far more subtle, keeping a visual interest and sustaining engagement among the building’s daily visitors. Beauty in Data delves deep in data visualizations that paints the story of Houston’s history and future as an undulating, colorful ribbon. Change of State depicts the seamless yet unexpected progression of crystalline substances from one state of matter to another, reflecting the continual evolution of Houston. Imagination Room fuses elemental spheres, travelling through a space-age reinterpretation of the architectural forms of 1100 Louisiana, metamorphosing as they react to the surroundings in mind-bending ways. Living Wall captures the energy of life, showcasing regional plants in serene, naturalistic conditions amid a variety of creative plantings.

The four core concepts are complemented by a bevy of partner-generated content, providing a window into Houston’s thriving art scene. The digital installation displays content sourced directly from some of the city’s most celebrated visual and performing arts institutions alike. Animations and stills courtesy of NASA depict significant milestones in space exploration, serving as a reminder of the city’s instrumental role in furthering aerospace innovation. The installation also showcases digital art and curates content directly from the surrounding community, thereby giving local arts organizations a powerful platform through which to grow awareness among a large, diverse and culturally connected audience.

Early Beauty And Data Concepts

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