Bayou City Flux

The illuminated art piece, created for the 2018 AIA (American Institute of Architects) Houston Gala intends to represent the strength of the Houston bayous. Subtle changing green and blue light fill the bayous to simulate movement. The speed of the movement varies and the cycle ends with an explosion of power and regeneration.

Construction: The Houston map was first drawn in Adobe Illustrator then laser engraved on a plywood sheet. Behind the map is a piece of mirrored acrylic with a custom wave pattern etched onto the surface (so many fumes..) The pattern was etched onto the surface to better reflect the light within the box. The frame was built from basswood and houses the programmable adafruit neopixel LED strip lights that are soldered to an arduino teensy board. The teensy was then programmed with the movement and colors of the light show.

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